BDM 6302D Mic drum clip

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BDM Mic Clips has redesigned an oldie but goodie!

Are you tired of playing drums with clips that are always bouncing back and forth and not having enough space for cables?

Wait no more! B.D.M. and "SIB Designs" came up with a proprietary mold that is angled back more than your traditional clips to help keep the mic and cables out of the path of cymbals and point the mic to the center of the drum for the best possible sound. Also the clips will allow your mic placement to be off the edge of the drum and out of the way of dangerous sticks. B.D.M. Mic clips are extremely versatile, heavy-duty and are built to with stand the wear and tear on the road as well all those heavy hitters.
B.D.M. clips are also reversible (flipped upside down)

This versatile mount can be used on cymbal stands and hi-hat stands to help eliminate some of those "Over-Head" boom stands and cables. 

Did we mention BDM clips also work on congas and just about anything you can clip it on. It's virtually indestructible and allows you to get the mic placement you need and save space without the cost and weight of heavy traditional boom mic stands.

                                                "2 Year Warranty"
All BDM clips come with a "2 Year Warranty" that covers everything except for "Fire" damage due to "Performances" that use "Pyro" and/or any other explosive props that could melt our proprietary mic clips.

Here are a few Artist: 


*Adrian Ost - Powerman 5000, Dope, Scum of the Earth, George Lynch

*Alejandro Mercado- The World Over, Street Drum Corps, Rhythm Monks

* Ben Anderson- Nothing More

* Brian Hardaswick - FOH/Drum Tech/ In This Moment/Pop Evil

* Chad Szeliga from Breaking Benjamin, Black Label Society, Scott Stapp, Adrenaline Mob

* Dan Dinsmore - Owl and Owner of Overit Studios

* Dexas Villarreal - To Whom it May

* Danny Banks- John Nemeth

* Dustin Taberski - FOH/ Saving Abel and Nonpoint

* Hayley Cramer - PopEvil

* Jason Dean -Sidewise

* Jay Taylor - FOH/ Saliva/ Myles Kennedy 

* Joey Jordison - Vimic/ Slipknot

* John Concannon - Contortionist

* John Humphrey -Seether

* John Tempesta - The Cult, White Zombie, Motor Sister, Rob Zombie

* Justin Kier - Independent 

* Kent Slucher - Luke Bryan

* Kent Diimmel - In This Moment

* Liam Sumnicht - Not A Planet

* Mike Luce- Drowning Pool

* Mike Chapman- Producer/Artist/FOH-Dirty Dog Music Venue in Austin

* Paul Crosby- Saliva

* Raanen Bozzio

* Rena Beavers - Coco Montoya

* Robb Rivera - Nonpoint

* Ross Rubio - Big Story
*Ross Landis- FOH/Nothing More / Asking Alexandria 

* Scott Tkachuck - FOH / Godsmack

* Shannon Larkin ~ Godsmack

* Sib- Echo Vendetta/ Load Point Pull

* Steven Pulley - Saving Abel

and many more..



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ATeare Aug 1st 2018

Excellent Drum Mic Clip

We've purchased these for two of our drumkits so far. Love it. Easy to get proper mic placement with a wide range of mics.

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