MX5 - Multi-Core Amp & Effects Pedal

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The Big Dudes Says:

 Hands down the MX5 out performs the Zoom G6, Line 6 HX Stomp & POD Go with more features, Unlimited IR storage and 15 Block Presets for $100's less, plus it still fits in your backpack. Perfect pedal for any level of player. 


Featuring a finely-tuned quad-core processor and 4 high-resolution touch display, the HeadRush MX5 is an incredibly easy to use and realistic-sounding guitar FX and amp modeling processor. The 4-inch touch display enables you to touch, swipe and drag-and-drop to instantly create and edit your perfect tone in an unprecedentedly realistic and intuitive way.

4-inch Touch Display:
Center stage on the HeadRush MX5 is an ultra-responsive 4-inch touch display (Exclusive Patent Pending Technology) and a guitarist-centric, intuitive user interface literally touch, swipe and drag-and-drop to instantly create rigs with lightning speed and precision. For the gigging guitarist, MX5s radiant high-resolution display has you covered, providing critical feedback exactly where, and when, you need it - especially when tweaking tones via the expression pedal in Hands-Free Mode. Everything about the HeadRush MX5 is designed to make it simple, fast and intuitive to jump right in and create your perfect tone in seconds.

Perfectly Portable and Flexible:
Equally suited to home recording or live performance situations, the HeadRush MX5 is incredibly portable at just 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg) and can fit in most backpacks or instrument cases. It's never been this easy to bring the best classic vintage and modern gear to rehearsals, performances, or recording sessions near or far, without breaking the bank or your back!

Ever-Expanding Universe of Incredibly Realistic Models:
The HeadRush MX5 packs a big punch of tone with an immense library of 46 amplifier models, 15 cabinets with 10 microphone emulations, 300 impulse responses, and 63 premium FX! All HeadRush models are flawless simulations of the most sought-after vintage and modern gear with unrivalled accuracy and authentic dynamic response. Theres even an expertly curated selection of premium HeadRush FX that cant be found anywhere else. This library will continue to be expanded with regular firmware updates that add new models and features based on user requests and feedback.

Unlimited Tonal Expansion with Third Party IR Support:
Out the box, the HeadRush MX5 includes over 300 precision-captured impulse responses, meticulously crafted in IoSR Studios with some of the most historic guitar cabs inspired by Marshall, Fender, Vox, Orange and more! Loading your own third-party IR's is a snap; simply hook up the MX5 to your Mac or PC via USB and drag-and-drop your choice IRs. Plus, with virtually unlimited storage for IR's with 1024 and 2048 sample lengths, MX5s tone sculpting possibilities are virtually limitless!

Gapless Preset Switching with Reverb/Delay Tail Spillover:
Gapless preset-switching is an exclusive HeadRush feature, ensuring any reverb or delay-tails will continue to ring out, even after changing your preset or rig. The result? No break in your sound, and your rig changes sound fluid and seamless.

Easy-to-use Stomp, Rig and Hybrid Footswitch Modes:
Controlling your sound has never been easier courtesy of MX5s 3 built-in footswitches that toggle 3 models or scenes, change rigs, or access your setlists. Quickly switch between the footswitch modes by holding footswitch 1 to select your desired mode. You can also select setlists, enter hands-free mode, and lock the touch display from this menu.

Convenient Hands-Free Edit Mode:
Need to add a little more gain at the last minute? No problem! Using the hands-free edit mode, you can adjust any parameter mid-song without having to stop playing and/or bend over. Simply select the model that you want to adjust, select the parameter, and then use the built-in expression pedal to fine-tune your settings!

Toggle Multiple FX with Just 1 Footswitch:
The powerful Scenes feature enables you to turn multiple models on or off in each rig, as well as select different model presets using only one footswitch.

Technical Specifications:

Footswitches (3) footswitches with color LEDs

Knobs (1) 300° master volume knob (1) 360° navigation/data encoder

Display (1) full-color LED-backlit display with touch interface -4-inch / 102 mm (diagonal)


(1) 1⁄4-inch(6.35 mm) mono input (guitar)
(1) 1⁄4-inch (6.35 mm) TRS input (expression pedal)
(1) 1⁄4-inch (6.35 mm) stereo output (send)
(1) 1⁄4-inch (6.35 mm) stereo input (return)
(2) 1⁄4-inch (6.35 mm) balanced output (main)
(1) 1⁄8-inch (3.5 mm) stereo output (headphones)
(1) 1⁄8-inch (3.5 mm) stereo input (auxiliary device)
(1) 1⁄8-inch (3.5 mm) MIDI output
(1) 1⁄8-inch (3.5 mm) MIDI input
(1) USB Type-B port
(1) DC power adapter input

Power Connection:DC power adapter input

Input Voltage 12 VDC, 3.0 A, center-positive


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