Mackie Profx12V3 12-Channel Mixer with USB

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Get the perfect mix for stage or studio

Mackie's ProFX12v3 12-channel mixer comes packed with all the input and output features you need for live sound production, along with onboard effects that allow you to retire that outboard gear and still be able to add some space and nuance to a mix. In addition, this mixer features stereo digital inputs and outputs and comes with a software package that includes two DAWs and two collections of effects plug-ins, so the board will also work quite well in a recording studio.

High-quality mic preamps

The ProFX12v3 uses seven of Mackie's Onyx™ microphone preamps, each virtually noise-free with up to 60 dB of gain. Each mic input also includes a switchable low-cut filter to help remove the unwanted rumble and bleed of a live stage mix.

Onboard effects

Mackie's GigFX™ effects processor includes 24 performance-tested reverb, delay, and chorus effects to color the sound just the way you like it. You can plug in an optional foot-switch so a player could activate or defeat an effect from the stage. The ProFX12v3 also includes one-knob audio compressors on four channels, to smooth out inconsistent dynamics.

Digital recording software

The USB port supports 24-bit 192K input and output connections to your computer. Mackie includes two suites of musical production software with this mixer.

  • Pro Tools® First DAW plus The Musician Collection of plug-in effects
  • Waveform™ OEM DAW plus The DAW Essentials Collection™ of plug-in effects


Product highlights:

12-channel Mixer:
  • channels 1-2:
    • mono mic/line inputs (Combo XLR/TRS)
    • HiZ switch for direct instrument connection
  • channels 3-4:
    • mono mic/line inputs (XLR and 1/4" TRS)
  • channels 5/6-9/10:
    • mono mic and stereo line inputs (XLR and 1/4" TRS)
  • channel 11/12:
    • stereo line (1/8" TRS) or USB input
General Features:
  • 3-band EQ on all channels
  • switchable phantom power (+48 volts) for all mic inputs
  • switchable low-cut filter (100 Hz, 18 dB/octave) on all mic channels
  • insertion (I/O) jack on channels 1-4 for outboard gear
  • one-knob audio compressor on channels 1-4
  • clip light on channels 1-10
  • mute switch, and PFL (pre-fader listen) solo button on every channel
  • 2 auxiliary sends2 subgroups with direct outputs
    • Mon: pre-fader
    • FX: post-fader bus to effects processor and FX send
Special Features:
  • Mackie Onyx microphone preamps
  • Mackie GigFX processor with 24 effects (reverb, chorus, delay, etc.)
  • music production software includedUSB interface: 2-channel out, 4-channel in (24-bit, 192 kHz)
    • Pro Tools First DAW plus The Musician Collection of plug-in effects
    • Waveform OEM DAW plus The DAW Essentials Collection of plug-in effects

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