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Warm Audio WA- 8000 Tube Condenser Microphone

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The WA-8000 has arrived to Big Dudes.


1. CONTENTS Your WA-8000 package includes the WA-8000 microphone itself, external power supply, IEC power cable, shock mount, Gotham GAC-7 cable, and custom hard case.

2. POWER SWITCH The power switch is located on the power supply. Always turn the power supply off before connecting or disconnecting cables. We recommend turning the power supply on at least 30 minutes before using the mic. This will enable the tube and components to reach optimal operating temperature and deliver the best performance.

3. IEC POWER INLET The IEC power inlet is located on the rear side of the power supply and allows a standard IEC coble to connect the power supply to your wall power outlet.

4. 110V /230V VOLTAGE SELECTOR SWITCH A protected voltage selector switch is located near the IEC inlet on the power supply, which allows you to set the appropriate operating voltage for the country where you use the microphone. The voltage selector switch will be pre-set to reflect the operating voltage of the country where the product was purchased and should not be changed, unless the mic is physically moved to another country or region of the world where the voltages are different.

5. 7-PIN MICROPHONE CABLE CONNECTOR (FEMALE)A 7-pin female microphone cable connector is located on the power supply. The Gotham GAC-7 cable is connected to this connector on one end and to the WA-8000 microphone on the other.

6. XLR OUTPUT A standard 3-pin XLR male connector is located on the power supply. The microphone’s signal will exit via this connector, so attach a high-quality preamp here via a standard 3-pin XLR microphone cable.

7. POLAR PATTERN SELECT SWITCH The polar-pattern selection switch is located on the front of the microphone, and it allows you to select between omni-directional and cardioid patterns.

USING THE WA-8000- The WA-8000 is a side-address microphone, which means the mic should be positioned so that the sound source is facing the side of the grille, rather than the top of the microphone. When operating the WA-8000 in cardioid mode, speak into the front of the mic, above the pattern selector switch. In omnidirectional mode the entire surface of the grille will pick up sound


Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz • Max SPL: 131dB (cardioid), 134dB (omni) • Output Impedance: 100 ohms • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 76dB (cardioid), 73dB (omni) • Sensitivity: -33dB/Pa (cardioid), -36dB/Pa (omni) • Self-noise: 15dB (A-weighted) cardioid, 17dB (A-weighted) omni • Tube: 6AU6 • Power Source: External 7-pin power supply (included)


The original ‘800 microphone employed a capsule that is very similar to the early K67 assemblies that Neumann made in the late sixties and early seventies, but it differs in a few ways. We recreated the original’s custom dual-diaphragm, center-terminated capsule down to the smallest detail, to ensure that the frequency response and performance of the WA-8000 matches the original mic as closely as possible. THE TUBE The 6AU6 vacuum tube used in the WA-8000 is a 7-pin miniature sharp-cutoff pentode that was originally designed in the 1940s for high-frequency wideband applications. Over the years it became popular in amplifiers, microphones, and other high-performance audio components, known for its power and efficiency when running within its optimal operating temperature range. THE COOLING SYSTEM The WA-8000 is equipped with a unique cooling assembly that helps to maintain optimal operating temperature for the 6AU6 tube by allowing it to be mounted outside of the main mic body, and by allowing the heat from the tube to dissipate via the fins surrounding the protruding tube assembly. By maintaining a consistent operating temperature, the WA8000 can deliver maximum efficiency and smooth, flawless performance every time you use it. THE CABLE One component of a tube microphone that is often overlooked is the 7-pin cable that connects the microphone to its power supply. We traditionally partner with Gotham Audio in Switzerland to use their boutique 7-pin GAC-7 cable for all of our high-end tube mics, because it’s quite simply the best tube mic cable in the world. Using this cable preserves the presence and the overall size of the recorded image by reducing phase shift and the parasitic effect often experienced in poorly built cables. Gotham Audio cabling is very expensive and boutique in nature and shouldn’t be considered a small addition to the WA8000 package.


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