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Warm Audio CX12 Tube Condenser Microphone

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1. Contents Your WA-CX12 package includes; the WA-CX12 microphone, power supply, IEC power cable, shock mount, 7 pin Gotham cable, and premium tweed storage box.

2. Power Switch The power switch is located on the power supply.

3. IEC Power Inlet The IEC power inlet is located on the rear side of the power supply and allows for a standard IEC cable to connect the power supply to your wall power outlet.

4. 115V/230v Voltage Selector Switch A voltage selector switch is located near the IEC inlet on the power supply and allows for the user to set the appropriate voltage for the country they are located. We advise you to be careful with this switch because plugging in the unit at the wrong voltage setting will likely damage the WA-CX12 and its power supply. Plugging in the WA-CX12 power supply at the incorrect voltage could even cause injury or death. Typically the voltage selector switch will be pre-set to the proper voltage for the country where the product was purchased and should not be changed.

5. Polar Pattern Select Switch The polar-pattern selection switch is located on the power supply and provides 9 pattern options. Patterns are: Cardioid, Omni, and Figure-of eight, and 6 intermediate stages.

6. 7 pin microphone cable connector (female) A 7 pin female microphone cable connector is located on the power supply. The 7 pin Gotham branded cable included in the WA-CX12 box is connected to this connector on one end and to the WA-CX12 microphone on the other.

7. 7 pin microphone cable connector (male) A 7 pin male microphone cable connector is located at the base of the WA-CX12 microphone. This connection pairs the WA-CX12 microphone to its power supply.

8. XLR Output A standard 3 pin XLR male connector is located on the power supply. The microphone’s signal will exit this connector. Connect this connector to a preamp via a standard 3 pin XLR microphone cable.


Solid Brass CK12-Style Capsule Our carefully engineered CX-12 capsule is an all-brass, edge-terminated capsule that captures all the smoothness, rich top end, and warm vintage sonics of the original CK12 capsule. The CX12 uses a variant CEK-12 back plate as a basis, which overcomes manufacturing limitations of the original CK12 capsule. The O-ring and housing of the CX12 are all machined from solid brass and the diaphragm is 24k gold sputtered 6 micron, NOS PET film (mylar). The end result is a very consistent, reliable capsule which matches the frequency response and tonality of the classically spec’d 50s-60s capsule.

The Transformer The WA-CX12 utilizes a custom, American-made TAB-Funkenwerk Output Transformer. This transformer helps provide the natural balance in the midrange with just a bit of top-end polish that one would hope to get from a 12-style condenser microphone.

The Cable One component of a tube microphone that is often overlooked is the 7 pin cable that connects the microphone to its power supply. When Warm first started building and auditioning our tube microphones, we learned quite a bit about 7 pin cables and how the shielding and wire gauge size can drastically change the sonics of a tube microphone. We have partnered with Gotham Audio in Switzerland to use their very carefully built high-end 7 pin “GAC-7 cable”. Using this cable increases top end presence and the overall size of the recorded image in the stereo field by reducing phase shift and the parasitic effect often experienced in poorly built cables. Gotham Cabling is a premium addition and manufactured to exacting standards. The additional durability and improved sound quality is no small addition to the overall value of the WA-CX12.


• Custom edge terminated, dual-backplate, all-brass vintage CK12-style capsule

• Custom TAB-Funkenwerk (AMI)

USA Output Transformer

• Premium 12AY7 vacuum tube

• Premium Capacitors

• Polar Patterns: 9 Patterns - Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Figure-8, + 6 additional mixed patterns

• Max SPL: 149dB

• Frequency Response: 30Hz-20kHz

• Output Impedance: 200 ohms

• Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 73dB

• EIN / Self-noise: 22dBA

• Power Source: External IEC grounded PSU

• Cable: Gotham 5 meter GAC-7, premium 7-pin tube microphone cable

• Total Weight: 17 lbs, Mic only: 2lbs 7oz

• Mic Dimensions: 11 5/8” x 2” (29.5cm x 5cm)


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