Thump Go -Portable Bluetooth & Battery-Powered Speaker

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So you need the sound of a powerful, professional loudspeaker with the portability of a boom box? Meet Mackie Thump Go, the take-it-anywhere, Bluetooth equipped, ultra-flexible, battery-powered loudspeaker. Built to make your life a whole lot easier, Thump Go offers lightning-fast setup and simple-yet-powerful sound processing, plus flexible inputs, Bluetooth streaming and wireless control via the Thump Go Connect app. Most importantly, Thump Go will amplify the real you with clear, punchy and accurate sound wherever you call your stage. Take the performance of the renowned Thump Series anywhere with Thump Go Portable Battery-Powered Loudspeaker.

Front view of Mackie Thump Go Portable Battery-Powered Loudspeaker

  • Ultra-efficient Class-D amplifier
  • 8" custom high-output woofer
  • 1" compression driver
  • Removable lithium-ion battery included
  • Tri-color battery life indicator
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life
  • Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming
  • Wireless control via Thump Go Connect app
  • Link to a second Thump Go via Bluetooth for music playback and control
  • 2-channel digital mixer with XLR mix output
  • 4 application-specific speaker modes
  • Music Ducking mode automatically lowers Ch.2 level when Ch.1 receives signal
  • Indoor and Outdoor voicing modes
  • Precision digital crossover and driver alignment
  • Smart input and thermal limiters
  • Durable, lightweight molded enclosure
  • 45° monitor angle
  • Built-in pole mount
  • Rugged powder coated steel grille

3/4 view of Mackie Thump Go Portable Battery-Powered Loudspeaker in sideways position showing front, right side and top


Incredible sound, unplugged
Thump series loudspeakers have been at the center of many live sound setups for over a decade, but what if you don't have that precious AC power to make it all happen? Thump Go brings the Thump punch and clarity in an ultra-portable design with a removable battery pack so you can sound your best anywhere.

Push a button, sound great
Under the hood of Thump Go is some powerful processing that you can tap into to up your sound quality game. With 4 different application-specific voicing modes, you can instantly optimize Thump Go for how you use it from a single button.

Are you in or out?
Ever bring your speakers from inside a room to the scary outdoors and wonder why it sounds so different? You're not alone, and lucky for you Mackie thought of everything. When you tote this little powerhouse out into the wild, just push the Outdoor Mode button and your lovely, full sound is restored.

Quack quack shhh
You've got music playing nice and loud but it's time for another announcement. Sure, you could mess with your levels every time but who's got time for that? Simply press the Music Ducking button and channel 2 will automatically turn down whenever you speak into the mic on channel 1.

Keep everyone's ears safe from feedback
Ever get a little too 'up close and personal' with the microphone only to hear a loud, ear-destroying squeal? That's commonly known as feedback and it's an unfortunate issue that physics won't change its mind on. But wait! Hit the Feedback Eliminator button and laugh in the face of those silly acoustic laws.

Wireless streaming and control
What better to control your Thump Go than the device you already carry with you everywhere? Easily stream music directly to the speaker and enjoy the wireless freedom to dance around while playing DJ. And while you're at it you can dive into the Thump Go Connect app and adjust anything from EQ and voicing modes to channel levels and venue-specific presets.

Thump Go loves friends
Need a bit more coverage? Trying to peel the paint off the walls? Grab a second Thump Go and have a seriously good, go-anywhere sound system. You can even link them together via Bluetooth to stream music to both in either stereo or dual-zone mode plus control both via the Thump Go app.

Size isn't everything
Thump Go may be small, but this little loudspeaker has got the goods where it counts. An ultra-efficient Class-D amplifier squeezes every last bit of beautiful sound from every watt. And to get the air moving, the custom high-output 8" woofer and 1" compression driver deliver the thump and clear highs.

Put it where you need it
Thump Go is designed with a sturdy, molded cabinet and tough feet for excellent performance no matter where you set it. Need a floor monitor? Thump Go can be tilted back on its side and naturally sits at the perfect angle. And if you want to optimize your room coverage, Thump Go has a standard size pole mount built in for mounting on a subwoofer or speaker stand. No matter how you use Thump Go, it's easy to move with an ergonomic handle built in to the top.


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