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Gator Frameworks Headphone Hanger for Desks (GFW-HP-HANGERDESK), Black

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Gator’s Desk Clamp Headphone Hanger is the Desk Solution you Never Knew you needed 

The desk clamp headphone hanger by Gator Frameworks (GFW-HP-HANGERDSEK) provides a convenient, accessible location for storing headphones when not in use. Leaving headphones on the ground or inconvenient places heightens the risk of damage as well diminishes necessary desk space. The desk clamp headphone hanger not only solves for both issues but does so compactly and conveniently. 

The desk clamp headphone hanger clamps to most desktop surfaces up to 1.5” in thickness to provide an efficient means of storage, keeping your headphones safe and elevated from potential danger. For alternative use, feel free to hang various connection cables for storage, such as headphone cords, auxiliary cords, XLR, ¼” and MIDI. The upward lip at the end ensures your headset remains in place. 

Gator’s desk clamp headphone hanger is the perfect solution for any studio, work, or podcasting space. 

GFW-HP-HANGERDESK: 5.5” (L) x 1.88” (W) x 3 (H)
Net Weight: 0.20 lbs.


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