DW SM505 Drop-Lock Hi Hat Clutch

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Drum Workshop is known for producing some of the world's top drum sets but that is only because they started in 1972 building the #1 selling drum hardware and realizing that the hardware is more important than the drum kit. For over 45 years of leading the industry with the most innovative designs comes the DW Drop-Lock Hi-Hat Clutch. The DW SM505 closes hi-hat cymbals without foot pressure, thus allowing you to play closed hats and double bass simultaneously. Disengage and drop the top cymbal by hitting the clutch with a drumstick. Step on the pedal and the DW Drop-Lock Hi-Hat Clutch attaches itself at its original position which allows players to customize the feel of their pedal to better meet their playing styles and situations. With these options and accessories, players can modify and enhance the performance of their DW pedals to fit the needs of their individual playing situation. Stop by Big Dudes Music City to test out all your favorite Drum Workshop products and start saving all year long.

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