D'Addario PWPW1 Ergonomic Peg Winder

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From the tiniest soprano uke to that bass guitar on your wall — if it's got strings, chances are the D'Addario PWPW1 will wind it. The PWPW1 Ergonomic Peg Winder is made from a precision-molded plastic to give you a low-slop grip on most instrument tuners on the market. Its purpose is to dramatically speed up string changes and simplify setups while saving your wrists from repetitive stress. Not only that, but its affordable cost and slim profile mean you can throw a PWPW1 string winder in every gig bag in your arsenal and gear drawer in your shop. The D'Addario Ergonomic Peg Winder includes an integrated bridge pin puller to eliminate the need for another tool when re-stringing acoustic guitars. Looking for a no-frills string winder that works with most instruments and doesn't cost an arm and a leg? Sweetwater recommends the D'Addario PWPW1.

D'Addario PWPW1 Ergonomic Peg Winder Features:

  • Shaves down string-changing time and effort
  • Saves your wrists for the gig
  • Fits most tuners on the market: mini, full, and bass
  • Bridge pin puller is an essential for acoustic instruments
  • Made from precision-molded plastic
  • An easy tool to throw in a gig bag or gear drawer

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