Boss FZ-1W Waza Craft Fuzz Pedal

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Modern and Vintage Fuzz Tones from Waza Craft

Fuzz effects have been a pedalboard stable since 1962, when the Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone pedal was introduced to emulate the sound session guitarist Grady Martin created for Marty Robbins' 1961 hit, “Don’t Worry.” The BOSS FZ-1W Waza Craft fuzz pedal pays tribute to early fuzz circuit designs while eliminating some of the issues of vintage effects and providing modern flexibility. The FZ-1W features vintage and modern modes to give you access to a range of fuzzy tones, from glitched-out sputters and raspy fuzz grind to singing, string-like sustain. In vintage mode, the FZ-1W emulates classic fuzz circuits but with higher gain and a wider expressive range, and a tilt-EQ-style knob simultaneously adjusts the high and low frequencies for dialing in the perfect old-school fuzz tone for any situation. Modern mode is specifically designed to provide a cutting, contemporary sound, with even more gain on tap and some serious fatness. In modern mode, the tone knob has a unique tuning that lets you sculpt the high end without reducing the midrange — you’ll never get lost in the mix! Guitarists at Sweetwater have found that the FZ-1W also doubles as a powerful boost pedal for juicing your tube amp and adding some hair to your favorite overdrive and distortion pedals. Get a comprehensive history of fuzz in a single, Waza Craft-quality stompbox with the FZ-W1 Waza Craft fuzz pedal from BOSS!

Waza Craft: a higher art of stompbox design

The Japanese word "waza" means art and technique, an appropriate name for BOSS's premium line of redesigned guitar effects pedals. You see, the pedal collectors here at Sweetwater have seen more than enough special-edition stompboxes that are only a paint job away from the originals, which is why we're so blown away by what BOSS has done with the Waza Craft series. Even in their Standard modes, Waza Craft pedals sound like idealized versions of the originals, offering the same sonic character that made them iconic but with less noise and a more consistent tone. And when you A/B the Standard mode with the Custom, the contrast is nothing short of astonishing.


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