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DWe Electronic Acoustic Drum Set!

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This kit includes 5-Piece Shell Pack, 4-Piece Cymbal Pack, Power Hub and 5000 Hardware Pack.

DW's handcrafted acoustic-electronic set represents a breakthrough in design, allowing you to express yourself in ways previously unimagined. For over 50 years, DW has been known for their commitment to authenticity and craftsmanship in the creation of acoustic drums. DWe brings the same premium quality and artisanship DW is known for, poured into every drum DW creates. To top it all off this kit is completely wireless, that's right, no more cable spaghetti around your kit!

 What is DWe?


DWe is the first-ever wireless acoustic-electronic convertible drumkit.

• Equipped with authentic DW sounds in the DW Soundworks app
• Ground-breaking wireless triggering innovation
• Engineered to bridge the gap between acoustic & electronic like never before
• Empower musicians to express themselves in new & unimagined ways
• 2 Configurations, 5 Finish Options
• Made in the USA at DW’s Oxnard, California factory!

333 Maple Shell:

• Alterations in grain direction greatly influence the sound
• Outermost and innermost plies run vertically
• Vertical grain places less tension on the shell
• Vibrates more freely, resulting in a lower fundamental pitch
• No reinforcement hoops
• Produces a lower overall tone, maintains maximum resonance & attack


Drum Triggers:

• Triggers sit in a removable tray, for easy conversion to acoustic
• Combination of FSRs (Force Sensing Resistors) for the center of the drums & Piezo for
the edges
• More dynamic range & pressure muting on drums
Cymbal Triggers:
• Combination of piezo sensors for bow & bell
• Cymbal edges use FSRs for edge detection & natural choke



Easy Setup & Natural Playability

  • Drums convert easily from e-drums to acoustic drums
  • Extra mylar batter heads are included
  • No specialty rack systems are needed. Normal drum hardware

Drum Triggers: 

  • Triggers sit in a removable tray, for easy conversion to acoustic 
  • Combination of FSRs (Force Sensing Resistors) for the center of the drums & Piezo for the edges 
  • More dynamic range & pressure muting on drums 

Cymbal Triggers: 

  • Combination of piezo sensors for bow & bell 
  • Cymbal edges use FSRs for edge detection & natural choke

DW Proprietary Wireless Trigger System Technology

  • Cables/cable snakes, not needed!
  • Uses AA batteries with 1 to 2 years of battery life
  • 30 yards (27 meters) of range for the wireless triggers


  • 5 Zone Snare Drum (Center, Edge, Rimshot, Rim, Cross Stick)
  • Positional sensing snare drum from center to the edge
  • Innovative snare drum throw-off (DigiMag), Snare on/off sounds
  • Snare throw-off can be assigned to non-Snare drum sounds
  • Pressure-Sensing cross-stick detection
  • 2 Zone Toms with 3 sounds (Center, Rimshot, Rim)
  • Ability to pitch bend drums using head pressure

Drummer Thomas Lang playing DWe Drums and Cymbals


  • Free 360° spinning metal cymbals
  • 3 Zone (edge, bow, and bell) with choke
  • Note: Zones are the areas you strike on a drum or cymbal.

DrumLink Wireless USB Hub & DWe Control Software Trigger Setting App: 

  • Recognizes up to 30 wireless inputs, yes 30!
  • Make your mega kit, more than any module available
  • Connect (pair) drums/cymbals to DrumLink Hub,
  • DWe Control (Trigger Settings) built into the DW Soundworks app
  • DrumLink USB hub converts wireless signals into MIDI
  • DW Soundworks or third-party software can use it i.e., SD3, AD2, & more
  • MIDI signal from the DrumLink Hub can be sent to MIDI devices via the 3.5mm to MIDI cable (Included) 
  • To connect to a drum module, you will need power via the USB-C 
  • connection (i.e., iphone charger plug)

DWe Soundworks Sound Engine, Designed by Drummers for Drummers: 

  • 20 Instruments (drums & cymbals)
  • 10 X-Pads (For external user sounds & complex layering)
  • High-Quality Multi-Layered Samples: 
  • DW Drums, DW snares, Slingerland drums, Slingerland snares,
  • Gretsch drums, and snares and cymbals from major brands.
  • Multiple “Articulations” per Drum/Cymbal
  • Up to 18 Layers Possible per articulation
  • 5 snares on articulations/ 5 snares off articulations
  • 3 articulations on toms & cymbals
  • 23 articulations for Hi Hat for a natural response
  • Create custom user kits & import user wav files
  • Programmable EQ, Compression, Reverb,& FX
  • Flexible signal-routing options

RTap (Real-time Audio Processor) Included Audio Interface:

  • Small portable low-latency (delay)
  • Class Compliant on Mac, no extra audio driver installs
  • Windows audio driver in DWe Control installer
  • Bus powered with included USB-C cable (USB-C to USB-A adapter included)

Drum Sizes (Depth) x (Drumhead) & Includes:

  • 8x10" Rack Tom w/STM
  • 9x12" Rack Tom w/STM
  • 14x16" Floor Tom
  • 16x22" Bass Drum
  • 6.5x14" Snare Drum
  • 14" Hi Hats, 16" Crash Ride (2x), 18" Crash Ride
  • DrumLink USB Hub


Hardware Pack: 

*DWCP5000AD4 Single Pedal
*DWCP5300 Snare Stand
*DWCP5500TD Hi-hat Stand
*DWCP5791 Combo Stand (x2)
*DWCP5700 Cymbal Stand

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