Zoom PodTrak P8 8-channel Podcasting Mixer

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The Zoom PodTrak P8 is easy to use and can handle the most ambitious podcasts. With all the functions you need to record, edit and mix, the PodTrak P8 is your complete podcast studio.


The color touchscreen interface makes monitoring, adjusting and onboard editing seamless. Everything you need is a touch away.

Mic Preamp Slider

The Mic Preamp Slider allows you to dial in the level or gain of each mic. Make adjustments until the signal is peaking in the “Good Range”. Peaking in the “Over Range” section can cause distortion in your sound.


The Limiter is used to prevent distortion if the volume suddenly gets too loud.

If you've been searching for a standalone solution for capturing interviews, podcasts, cast readings, and color commentary on the go, the 8-channel PodTrak P8 is as full-featured as they come. Onboard you'll find mic inputs, headphone outputs, and channel faders for you and up to five guests, along with a dedicated channel for call-in guests who can't make it to the studio. You also get nine sound pads with four banks for accessing up to 36 sound effects and song samples on the fly. A full-color touchscreen handles common settings such as gain staging, routing, and FX. And thanks to its 2-hour AA battery operation, the PodTrak P8 has you covered for location recording and in-studio electrical outages. For effortless compatibility, the Zoom PodTrak P8 records onto common SD cards up to 512GB in size — which is great for staying organized and ensuring you've always got space for that extra-long episode. Want to integrate the PodTrak P8 into your computer/tablet setup? The Zoom doubles as a class-compliant, 2-in/2-out audio interface for Windows, Mac, and iOS.

You need to record high-quality podcasts with multiple people in mission-critical scenarios, so you need a streamlined, portable device to handle multiple people and remote guests all in one shot. Does this sound like you? Then you need to check out Zoom’s PodTrak P8, a dedicated podcasting machine that can handle all of your professional podcasting needs.

Zoom PodTrak P8 Portable Multitrack Podcast Recorder

 several key ways.

First, it can accommodate more people face-to-face, giving you six high-gain mic inputs that can easily accommodate dynamic mics (like the venerated Shure SM7B) and condenser mics. With six controllable headphone outputs, the unit ensures all the people on the panel can control their own playback volume.

Moreover, the unit gives you more tone-shaping and editing controls right in the box: Compress your audio, de-ess sibilant guests, apply noise reduction, or shape the tone, all without ever leaving the P8. Onboard editing functions let you fade, split, combine, and trim audio clips into produced products without ever using a computer.

Remote guests haven’t been left behind as a mix-minus function ensures echo-free call-ins. The P8 gives you multiple, simultaneous options for handling remote guests from smartphones, tablets, and computers. One option is to plug your phone right into a dedicated stereo TRRS input, or make use of the BTA-2 Bluetooth adapter (available separately) to wirelessly stream audio from your smartphone into that TRRS channel. 

If you’re talking to someone over VoIP, you can plug your Skype- or Zoom-enabled computer into a dedicated USB-C port. This input takes over the P8's sixth channel, which means that you can still use the TRRS input and have multiple remote guests on simultaneously.

The unit boasts nine pads and four banks for storing and triggering jingles, cues, and bumper music. Thirteen prerecorded sounds come stock, and you can load up to 36 of your own. Remember that USB-C connection we just highlighted? It also lets you run the device as a 2-in/2-out USB audio interface with Mac, Windows, iOS, and even some Android devices. Use this connection to record your podcast to a stereo track, or to stream live.

For multitrack recording, the PodTrak P8 offers an SD slot able to handle 512 GB of audio. You can record each XLR input, remote input, and soundboard to their own individual files. The PodTrak P8 also makes a master stereo recording of your mix for quick and easy exporting in mission-critical scenarios.

Fitting an all-in-one podcasting solution, the PodTrak P8 offers multiple power options. Slip in four AA batteries, run it off the included AC adapter, or even USB bus power when connected to a PC.


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