Zildjian ZBTP390A ZBT 5pc Cymbal Set

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Choosing that perfect cymbal is not a very easy task although when you are choosing a cymbal from Zildjian it is very hard to go wrong.  Zildjian has now added the ZBT 5 Cymbal set that features a bright, intense sound that cuts through the mix. The Zildjian ZBT Pro Cymbal Set, pre-matched to ensure complimentary sound and tone, is a set of cymbals containing a 14" hi-hat set, 16" crash, 20" crash-ride and a FREE 18" ZBT crash. This balanced ensemble of medium-weight cymbals will enable any beginning drummer to deliver a fast and bright sound without dimming a budget. Swing into Big Dudes Music City for the real test behind a kit or for more details contact us at 816-931-4638

 Pack includes:

  14" ZBT Top Hi-Hat

  14" ZBT Bottom Hi-Hat

  16" ZBT Crash

  20" ZBT Crash-Ride

  Free 18" ZBT Crash




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