ZILDJIAN S14MPR 14" S Mastersound Hi Hat Pair

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Choosing that perfect cymbal is not a very easy task although when you are choosing a cymbal from Zildjian it is very hard to go wrong.  Zildjian has now added the "S"series of cymbals to bring the best of both worlds. From beginner to the professional the "S"series can handle it. Perfectly balanced, the standard 14” S Family Hi-Hats offer a versatile range of frequencies with a full-bodied response. Mastersound HiHats feature a hammered outer edge bottom cymbal, which not only prevents air lock, but creates a lively, fast “chick” sound and an overall balanced tonal presence. Suitable for various styles of music. An exhaustive two-year research and design project by the Zildjian Sound Lab results in a modern cymbal voice from the legendary Zildjian Company.  Zildjian "S" series is an expressive family of cymbals with a balanced frequency response, making it suitable for a variety of musical styles. It features a B12 alloy coupled with cutting edge modern manufacturing techniques that produce a cymbal capable of a wide range of musical expression. Hurry into Big Dudes Music City for the real test and start saving like a Rockstar.

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Key Features:

B12 Alloy

88% Copper

12% Tin produces the perfect balance of low, middle, and high frequencies.

Brilliant Finish

Made in U.S.A. 





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