ZILDJIAN AA18C 18" A Avedis Crash Cymbal

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 Big Dudes Music City loves everything about the Zildjian line of cymbals and can't say enough great things about the the latest addition to the Zildjian “A” Family. The Vintage "A"series is a sonic recreation of the "A" sound reminiscent of cymbals from the 30’s through the 60’s and yet distinctly modern and relevant, the A Avedis Cymbals from Zildjian are a vintage recreation of the timeless sound and feel produced by some of the biggest drumming icons of the 20th century. Named in his honor, Avedis Zildjian III helped form the backbone of popular music, from swing to bebop to the explosion of rock and roll. Each cymbal in this collection delivers immense musicality and features a thin, loose, played-in feel with a great balance of bright and dark overtones. Zildjian added a variety of intricate details to make this collection truly something special including its timeless, individual "aged" patina to the classy and understated "Avedis" logo, to the original hollow "Zildjian" logo underneath. Find the cymbal that "speaks to you" as there is a broad weight variation among each Thin model (1,190g - 1,361g) with the gram weights written underneath. So selecting an A Avedis cymbal is a personal experience. IMPORTANT CARE FOR YOUR A AVEDIS CYMBALS Attention: This cymbal was hand-crafted in the USA and uses special processes that give this cymbal its unique character and looks. Color variations are a normal part of this very unique cymbal. A Avedis cymbals undergo a proprietary aging process that adds to their tonality and character. DO NOT CLEAN THIS CYMBAL USING CYMBAL CLEANER OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF CLEANING PRODUCT . DO NOT STORE IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT OR ELEVATED TEMPERATURES . ONLY STORE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. DO NOT LABEL OR PUT ANYTHING ON TOP OF THE PATINA FINISH. This may alter the finish of your cymbal in unintended ways. A Avedis cymbals are an extremely versatile set of cymbals that are thin and loose, with a played-in feel and immense musicality. Each cymbal features a patina finish that reproduces the look of a decades-old cymbal. With broad weight variations among each diameter, selecting an A Avedis cymbal is a unique experience. Suitable for riding or crashing, this A Avedis Crash offers soft articulation, dark shimmer and a smoky finish. 

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   Material:Cast Alloy
   Cymbal Weight:Thin
   Made in U.S.A

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