ZILDJIAN A0231 17" Avedis Thin Crash

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 Choosing that perfect 17" Crash cymbal is not a very easy task but when you are choosing a cymbal from Zildjian it is very hard to go wrong.  The traditional A' series are a timeless set of cymbals that have been played by everyone from Buddy Rich to Dave Grohl. The 17" model boasts a fairly bright sound with long decay, and despite its size is very dynamic thanks to its lightweight construction. The larger size gives the cymbal more headroom, resulting increased projection and volume that is the perfect combination of power and sensitivity. This cymbal is warm while still being extremely dynamic with a punchy attack and full-bodied tone. So, swing by Big Dudes Music City for the true test since it has never been easier to get the crash of your dreams at a great price.  

For more details contact Big Dudes Music City at 816-931-4638 

Key Features:

Pitch Full bodied.

Size: 17 in.

Weight: Medium

Finish: Traditional Finish

Bell Size: Small

Profile: Medium

Sound: Bright/Mid

Volume: Project

Balance: Cut

Sustain: Long

Skill level: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Professional



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