Walnut 8-Ply 6.5 x 14 Snare - Tobacco Burst

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The Big Dude Says: 

 This is the 1st 8-Ply Walnut snare with reinforcement hoops from WFL III Drums.  This Walnut snare has a refreshingly nuanced and alive tone offering the drummer a wide range of tuning options and dynamics for every style of music. With its sharp attack, warm tones and melodic sustain, nothing beats the musicality and playability of these walnut shells!

 Over the last 50 years, several configurations of Walnut shells have been produced, but the one that remains a favorite among drummers who know, is the 8-ply Walnut shell with reinforcement hoops. Now, William F Ludwig III, has masterfully redesigned this iconic shell and the response has been overwhelming. Drummers of all musical styles are raving about the beautiful tone of these shells. Shells are heat pressed for strength and roundness. Hand finished 45 degree round-over bearing edges ensure maximum head to shell contact and hand-hewn snare beds provide precise snare contact on all snare drums. Each snare comes with the GS007 Multi-Step TRICK Throw-Off and Black Nickel Hardware.



  • 8-Ply Walnut Shell with reinforcement hoops
  • Trick GS007 Multi-Step Strainer
  • 45 round-over bearing edges
  • Hand-hewn snare beds
  • 20 strand German snares
  • Satin Tobacco Burst Finish
  • Ten springless WFLIII Lugs
  • 2.3mm - Black Nickel Hoops 

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