Tonebone R8007320 PZ-Deluxe Acoustic Instrument Preamp w/ Param EQ and DI

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The PZ Deluxe is a studio quality instrument preamp that jam packs a full array of features into a compact pedal for live stage use. Like most studio preamps, the PZ Deluxe begins with a low noise front end that is capable of exceptional dynamics to adapt to all instruments including acoustic guitar, upright bass, mandolin, and violins no matter what type of pickup system is being used. for piezo transducers, a special PZB gain stage may be engaged that increases the input impedance to 10 meg-Ohms to elminate squawk and explosive peaks that are common with other systems. This also eliminates the need for a separate preamp. The PZ Deluxe is a true all in one package.


Model: R8007320
Manufacturer: Tonebone

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