Roland RD300NX Digital Piano

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Roland keyboards have become a favorite at Big Dudes Music City. Designed and priced for the serious gigging musician and with the Roland RD-300NX 88-Key Digital Stage Piano it's a true workhorse for any keyboard. You say you want a full-range piano that doesn't weigh a ton or cost a fortune, but still sounds and plays up to your professional standards then swing by today for the real test. Typical digital pianos rely on crossfading between a few samples, resulting in a choppy dynamic response that climbs three or four audible "stair-steps" as you play louder. But on the RD-300NX's 67 acoustic and electric piano tones, Roland's SuperNATURAL engine organically morphs between samples from pianissimo to fortissimo, across the piano's entire dynamic range. Furthermore, unlike digital pianos that approximate decay by looping samples over and over while fading them out, SuperNATURAL technology reproduces the complex, organic decay of real piano strings. Paired with the piano's 88-key Ivory Feel-G keyboard, the SuperNATURAL Piano engine makes the RD-300NX one of the most expressive digital instruments on the market even more impressive when considering its 38-pound weight.

Want further proof that the RD-300NX was built for gigging musicians? Note the large, one-touch buttons that illuminate to help you navigate Roland's deep arsenal of sounds on dim stages. User-defined Live Sets let you layer and split up to 3 tones in your own built-from-scratch configurations or tweak and save any of 200 factory Live Sets, conveniently organized to help you find the sound you need fast. Roland's professional multi-effects processor lets you shape individual tones within a Live Set, with everything from amp simulations to rich, detailed reverb. Three hardware sliders control the level of your individual layers. You'll also find dedicated hardware knobs and buttons to adjust global EQ, chorus, reverb, compression -- plus Roland's unique Sound Focus effect, which combines a presence boost with a more focused stereo image to help your RD-300NX cut through dense mixes without turning up the volume.

Perhaps more than any other instrument, the full-range piano lends itself well to solo performance. But that doesn't mean you have to sound like you're all by yourself -- especially when you're gigging with the Roland RD-300NX. On the back of the unit, you'll find a handy port5 for a USB memory stick. Connect your thumb drive, and you'll be able to play CD-quality WAV backing tracks, or standard MIDI files with adjustable tempo. Of course, your RD-300NX also has a second USB port for MIDI over USB, plus the standard 5-pin MIDI in and out ports to integrate with the other keyboards and modules in your rig.

The Roland RD-300NX is perfectly suited for the stage. If you thought a pro-quality stage piano was beyond your means, you'd do well to give Roland's budget minded RD-300NX serious consideration. Hurry in to Big Dudes Music City for the real test and start saving like a Rockstar all year long.

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Key Features:

88-key Ivory Feel-G keyboard with Escapement

SuperNATURAL sound engine with 67 acoustic and electric pianos

Hundreds more playable sounds

200 factory Live Sets, plus 60 user-definable slots to save your own layers, splits, and effects

Roland's exclusive Sound Focus effect boosts your sound to cut through a dense mix

Standard MIDI I/O plus MIDI over USB

1/4-inch outputs

Play WAV or MIDI files from a USB memory stick

Flexible on-board multi-effects

Roland's combination joystick pitch bend/mod wheel controller

Illuminated buttons and hardware knobs to help you select and tweak your sounds fast 


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