Roland FA06 61- Key Work Station

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 Roland Keyboards have become a favorite at Big Dudes Music City. The Roland keyboard workstation continues to evolve, responding to rapidly changing workflow requirements on the part of people who write, record and perform music. It is a dramatically different landscape than the one that birthed the idea of the keyboard workstation in the 1980s when having your sequencer, drum machine and synthesizer all in a single package was a previously unimaginable model of efficiency.

 Roland's new FA series completely re-imagines the music workstation, streamlining it for effortless real-time power, ultra-fast workflow, and maximum versatility. Ready to support any type of music you play, the FA-06 is packed with a massive sound collection inherited from the flagship INTEGRA-7, a ton of studio-quality effects, and expressive real-time controls, plus on-board sampling with zero load time for instant audio playback from the 16 back-lit pads. The sequencer features simple operation and non-stop loop recording, letting you capture songs and ideas as they come and export them as multi-track data to use with your DAW. Flowing seamlessly into every part of your creative world, the FA-06 morphs instantly from a standalone keyboard to become the command center of your computer music studio, with USB audio/MIDI interfacing, powerful real-time controllers, DAW transport controls, and much more. No Work, All Play Music workstations play an important role for keyboardists in a wide range of creative activities, from live performance to song development to production in the studio. However, they can often be complicated and difficult to use to their full potential, bogging down the creative process and inhibiting the flow of ideas.

In developing the FA series, Roland has completely re-imagined the music workstation to provide musicians an inspiring platform that's extremely powerful and versatile, yet simple and intuitive at the same time. With a streamlined interface and focused, practical features that maximize your creative flow, the FA series allows you to experience newfound freedom to deeply explore and develop your musical ideas with less effort than ever before. The FA06 also features a semi weighted action more similar to Hammond organs and other synthesizers then a traditional piano action to keep you playing smooth.

These are just a few highlights about the Roland FA06 workstation for you to consider but for the real test swing in to Big Dudes Music City or contact us for more details at 816-931-4638.


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