Radial R8001425 Voco-Loco Microphone Effects Loop & Switcher for Guitar effect pedals

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The Radial Voco-Loco is lets you add guitar effects pedals to your vocal or acoustic instrument sound. Whether you're a singer or trumpet player, you'll love this foot-controlled effects loop. Voco-Loco features a state-of-the-art mic pre with phantom power, and 2-band EQ that lets you add warmth and shimmer to your mic signal. Your signal then routes out to your guitar pedals via a transformer-isolated hi-Z effects loop with individual send/receive controls. There's a tone control on the return path so you can tweak your effects, while a blend control lets you mix your original mic'd signal with the effects. Brilliant! If you've been frustrated using guitar effect pedals in the past, GearNuts has the answer: Radial's Voco-Loco!



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