PEARL SensiTone Phosphor Bronze Snare Drum - 14" x 5"

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The Pearl SensiTone Premium Beaded Phosphor Bronze Snare Drum is everything you need in a pro-quality snare drum. This snare is mellow and well-behaved at lower volumes, but slices cleanly through a mix when you add extra force. Pearl’s Super Hoop II triple-flanged hoops give the bronze shell a stronger attack and plenty of pop. Whether you leave your batter head loose, or crank it sky-high, the Pearl Sensitone Phosphor Bronze feels amazing.


A musically-tuned shell with bracing tonal depth, Pearl Sensitone Premium Phosphor Bronze snare drums produce a dramatic, versatile sound with exceptional bottom end overtone. Crisp and lively yet bellowing and powerful, Phosphor Bronze delivers a melodically versatile and uniquely powerful sound that deserves to be experienced.




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