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MESA BOOGIE 2MR25 Mini Rectifier Head

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This little guitar amp head may only weight 12 lbs., but Mesa/Boogie built the Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five to perform like a heavyweight champ. You get great-sounding clean-to-crunchy tones from Channel 1, while Channel 2 dishes out both vintage- and modern-style high-gain tones. Each channel includes its own gain, treble, middle, bass, presence, and master controls. This means you can voice each channel exactly the way you want. This is an extremely flexible little tube amplifier! You can even plug your favorite outboard gear into the Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five, via the fully buffered effects loop.

Mesa's Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five amp head includes a Multi-Watt power switch on each channel, so you can instantly choose between easy-saturating 10-watt operation (perfect for the studio or the practice room) or the gutsy 25-watt setting. You can definitely take the stage with this guitar amp! Best of all, you can crank it up take full advantage of the Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five's EL-84-powered engine room. You'll love the response. If you've ever heard the expression, "playing the amp," then you'll really know what it means when you plug into the Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five.

Mesa/Boogie Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five 25-watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Head Features:

Incredibly versatile 2-channel amp head, in a super-compact and lightweight package

2 totally independent channels plus 4 MULTI-WATT modes, for an outstanding range of tones

Dyna-Watt power amp lets you choose between 10 watts or 25 watts - on each channel

Fully buffered, all-tube effects loop, for even more tonal flexibility

Blue diamond faceplace Footswitch and padded carrying bag included



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