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MESA BOOGIE 2MMBB Mark 5 : 25 Head

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The MARK FIVE: 25 is born of thoroughbred stock that carries worldwide accolades and is still setting trends with top Artists 35 years after its unveiling. The MARK FIVE: 25, like the MARK FIVE it is born from, is really a collection of iconic amplifiers. There are far too many circuits and sounds to think of it as merely an amp... it’s a living history of MESA/Boogie!

From the groundbreaking MARK I that introduced the world to high-gain with it’s cascading preamp, to the Mark II - the world’s first high gain Dual Mode Channel Switching amplifier (and it’s later siblings that introduced Simul-Classpower). From the MARK III that ushered in the era of 3 Channel footswtching performance, to the MARK IV which gave all that power individual control, the MARK FIVE (and now the FIVE: 25) is the embodiment of the last 45 years of guitar amp evolution.

Designed and Handcrafted in Petaluma, California USA

All-Tube Amplifier: 2xEL-84 Power Tubes & 6x12AX7 Preamp Tubes

Fixed Bias for consistent, maintenance free performance

Patented Multi-Watt Channel Assignable Power Amp featuring Mesa’s proprietary Dyna-Watt technology providing two power levels with different wiring configurations via independent 10/25 Watt Power Switches:

10-Watt Mode utilizes 2 power tubes operating in Class A/B Triode for lush harmonics and liquid feel at lower volumes

25-Watt Mode utilizes 2 power tubes operating in Mesa’s exclusive Dyna-Watt Class A/B Pentode for maximum power, punch and clarity Fully Independent Channels with 6 Style Modes:

Channel 1 Features: Clean, Fat or Crunch Modes with Multi-Watt Power Switch (10/25 Watts) - Independent Gain, Treble, Mid/Boost, Bass, Presence, Reverb (rear panel) & Master Controls

Powerful Mid/Boost Control doubles as a standard Midrange Tone Control (from 1 to 5) and a Variable Gain Boost Control (from 5 to 10) providing precise levels of sweet harmonic overdrive, from subtle to blistering

Channel 2 Features: Legendary Mark IIC+, Mark IV and Xtreme Modes with Multi-WattTM Power Switch (10/25 Watts) - Independent Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, Reverb (rear panel) & Master Controls

Selectable 5-Band Graphic EQ – Footswitchable, Channel Assignable or Bypassable

All-Tube, Spring Reverb with Independent Channel Control (rear panel)

Fully Buffered, Tube FX Loop

Built-In CabClone Cabinet Simulator Output with Internal Amp Load and Headphone Output – Featuring Closed-Back and Open-Back Voicings, Speaker On/Off and Ground Lift Switches

All Aluminum Chassis

2 Button Footswitch (Channel 1/2 & EQ)

Slip Cover

Head (Width 14 inches)

Standard Finish: Black Taurus Vinyl / Black Jute Grille

Dimensions: 8" H x 14" W x 8.75" D

Weight: 16.5 lbs.

And last but DEFINITELY not least, is possibly the coolest feature ever to grace a MESA Rear Panel, the on-board CABCLONE D.I. and Cabinet Simulation feature. This built-in magic allows you to capture a wonderful representation of the sound and feel of the MARK FIVE: 25 direct to a Console, Converter or even direct to a Recorder without the need to mic up the speaker. Taken directly from our acclaimed stand-alone CABCLONE, this compensated D.I. (and HEADPHONE Output) does an incredible job of capturing the signal from the SPEAKER OUTPUT and turning it into direct injection gold. The four elements here allow for use both with a live speaker and without, so you can blend the direct and a mic’d speaker cabinet if you so desire. The CABCLONE section features switches for SPEAKER Status (OFF/ON), CABINET Style (OPEN BACK/CLOSED BACK), GROUND (GROUND/LIFT; Pin 1 Float) and an XLR BALANCED Output. This array of controls comprises perhaps the most valuable and welcome feature set on any MESA amp and expand both the functionality and enjoyment potential many fold. The MARK FIVE: 25 is the first of our amplifiers to include this powerful tool built right in for speedy and convenient live use or recording applications without sacrificing authenticity and Tone. It’s sure to increase the professional potential of this little dynamo and help this MARK usher in a new era of MESA performance as well as raise the bar even further for amplifiers in its category and beyond.



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