Korg MINILOGUE 4-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synth w/ Presets

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When it comes to traditional subtractive analog synthesis with modern sophistication, the Korg minilogue analog polyphonic synthesizer delivers. It starts with a pair of highly shapable VCOs, which you can shape with a switchable 2-/4-pole lowpass filter, and there's plenty of modulation to go around. At the same time, you can store up to 200 settings, and there are 100 killer presets onboard to fuel your creativity. There's also a built-in tape-style delay effect and an OLED oscilloscope display - something we've never seen on a hardware synth. And that's just the beginning. Between the minilogue's Voice Modes and the onboard 16-step sequencer, you'll be amazed by the sounds you come up with.




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MiniLogue 4