GIBRALTAR GDS5 5 Panel Drum Shield

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Drum Shield 5.5X10 T Panel Isolates the sound of your drum kit. 

This 5-Piece Acrylic Drum Shield can be placed in front of your kit to isolate the sound of your drums during a recording session, or it can allow you to lower your band's overall stage volume by reducing the amount of drum sound in the stage mix. It can also be placed behind the drum kit to reflect more sound toward the audience in outdoor venues. The two end panels feature mouse holes at the base, so it's easy to run cables for mikes or e-drums through the shield. The five 5-1/2' x 2' panels require no assembly and fit together with flexible hinges, making setup and tear down simple. Each hinge runs the entire length of the connection, providing bettersound dampening than ever before, as well as increased stability and safety.
Includes five 5-1/2' x 2' panels
Four full-length, flexible hinges
Two Mouse holes for cables on both end panels



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