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Carmichael Throne CT200SODBLD Double-D Saddle Throne

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Carmichael Throne Company now is offering the solution to the "Saddle" or "Tractor" seat issue with the latest Double D Series line of drum thrones. Named for its unique shape, the Double D offers a wider seat base, similar to that of a saddle shaped throne, but without the uncomfortable bump in the front. With less pressure to the spine and hamstrings plus additional hip support, It very well could be the most comfortable drum throne on the planet.  

Not just a drum throne... Check out the many benefits offered by Carmichael Throne Seat Tops.

  • Features a patented 2″ wide center channel cut out that is designed to relieve and prevent back pain and other discomforts associated with sitting.
  • Helps to reduce, and in many cases eliminate Lower Back, Sciatica, Tailbone, Degenerating Disc, Sacrum, Prostate and Pelvic Pain while performing.
  • Promotes better overall circulation by reducing spinal disk compression which helps to reduce fatigue and increase energy.
  • The gap in our seat top allows for better air flow keeping you cooler while you perform (Great place for drum sticks too).
  • Consists of two layers of foam. A base layer of firm foam that prevents the user from ever bottoming out and a top layer of softer foam for added comfort.
  • Provides excellent support, stability and balance allowing you to move around the kit in total comfort and with ease. 
  • Upholstered in durable vinyl and cloth fabric.
  • Embroidered Carmichael Throne logo.
  • Interchangeable with Carmichael and Roc-N-Soc Seat Mounts (Spindle and Hydraulic).
  • Pre-drilled holes for add on back rest.


All Carmichael Throne Seat tops are hand made in the USA (Woodstock, GA). 




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